International conference organised by MSH Paris Nord, MSH des Alpes, MSH d'Aquitaine, MSH de Paris, MSH Nord-Pas de Calais
and Gricis Université du Québec à Montréal, within the ACI programme
« Les mutations des industries de la culture, de l’information et de la communication : bilan, cartographie, observation ».
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Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 - Wednesday 27
Monday, September 25th 2006

9h00 – 10h Opening Session

Président :

- Pierre Mœglin, director of Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord

With the participation of :

- Marc Lipinski, vice-president of the regional Council of Ile-de-France
- Patrick Braouezec, president of Plaine Commune
- Didier Paillard, Mayor of Saint-Denis
- Denis Peschanski, assistant director of department Sciences humaines et sociales, CNRS
- Jacques Commaille, president of the Scientific council of the MSH network
- Serge Wolikow, president of the MSH national network
- Pierre Lunel, president of Paris 8 University
- Philippe Barbet, vice-president of the scholarship council of Paris 13 University
- Bernard Miège, president of the scientific committee of the ACI
- Gaëtan Tremblay, president of the steering committee of the ACI.

10h15– 11h15 General presentation

Philippe Bouquillion and Yolande Combès, in charge of the research program « Mutations des ICIC, bilan, cartographie, observation »

10h15 – 11h15 Inaugural address

Armand Mattelart, University Paris 8, France

11h15 -13h00 Panel 1

Transformations in industrial and financial structures and strategies

Président :

- Philippe Chantepie, director of department des études, de la prospective et des statistiques, ministère de la Culture, France

Speakers :

- Philippe Bouquillion, Professor of Information and Communication Science, University of Paris 8, France
« Capitalism in the CMI, anti-market capitalism ? »

- Eric George, Professor of Information and Communication Science, University of Ottawa, Canada.
« From industrial and financial strategies of CMI industries to publishing production : critical evaluation of existing writings »
>>> Download the communication (French)

- Marc Ménard, Professor of Information and Communication Science, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
« Concentration and transformation of book publishing industry in Quebec : the Quebecor case »
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- Jean-Yves Mollier, Professor of History, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, France
« Communication groups’ strategies at the start of the XXIst century. »


14h15 – 16h15 Panel 2


Chairman :

- Marc Olivier Baruch, administrateur civil, EHESS, France

Speakers :

- Monique Dagnaud, CNRS, CEMS
«French model of “cultural exception” in the globalization process of motion picture industry»
>>> Download the communication (French)

- Guillermo Lopez Garcia, Professor of Pais Vasco, Spain
« What is at stake in Internet regulation, the Spanish case »
>>> Download the communication (French)

- Juan-Carlos Miguel de Bustos, University of Pais Vasco, Spain
« The FCC’s role in the structuring of the CMI in the United States »
>>> Download the communication (Spanish)

- Me Agnès Tricoire, lawyer in the Court, expert in intellectual property, France
« Royalties in the service of industry »
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16h30 – 19h30 5 Workshops in parallel (1.2, 1.5, 2.3, 3.1, 3.4)

Workshop 1.2 : ICTs and changes in the Culture sectors

Chairman :
- Nicole Arnal- Observatoire OMIC, MSH Paris Nord

Speakers :
Ester Applgren, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Suède
« Interactive news services – competitors to the printed newspaper »
>>> Download the communication

Sue Ferguson, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus, Canada
«The Children’s Culture Industry and Globalization: Shifts in the Commodity Character of Toys»
>>> Download the communication

Dominique Nauroy, Université Paul Verlaine - Metz, France
«Cybooks and the publishing industry»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Barbara Sallé, Université Saint-Denis-Paris 8, CICM/MSH Paris Nord, France
«New means of distribution of contemporary musical works at Radio France»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Laïd Bouzidi, Sicomor, Centre de recherche de l’IAE, Université Jean Moulin, Lyon 3 / Eric Thivant, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 - Sicomor, France
«Analysis of the strategies of Specialized Information  Industries»
>>> Download the communication (E.Thivant French)

Khaled Zouari, Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3 - GRESEC, France
«Electronic media in the Arab World: towards a new information and communication industry?”
>>> Download the communication (French)

Workshop 1.5 : Relations between the majors and « independents » or « alternative » producers

Chairman :
- David Vandiedonck, University Lille 3, Institut Erasme MSH Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Speakers :
Michaël Bourgatte, Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France
«The French Art film exhibition : an alternative proposal situated between independence and dependence»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Erik Hitters, Miriam Van de Kamp, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Netherlands
Paul Rutten,Université de Leiden, University College In Holland, Haarlem, Netherlands
«Challenging the majors’ supremacy - Independent music productions from Scotland and the Netherlands on the global market »

Bertrand Legendre, Université Paris 13 – LabSIC - MSH Paris Nord, France
« Majors, independents and alternative publishers : changes in the relations between actors in the book sector. An international approach »
>>> Download the communication (French)

Jacob Matthews, Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3, France
«Music industry at the dawn of the 21st century: new uses, new exchanges?»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Sophie Noël, EHESS - CSE, Paris, France
« Small independent publishers versus the large groups; or, the refusal of cultural standardization »
>>> Download the communication (French)

Workshop 2.3 : Regulation

Chairman :
- Eric George, University of Ottawa, GRICIS, Canada

Speakers :

Gilles Delavaud, Université Paris 8 - CEMTI, France
«Television in the 1940s : what content for the new medium? »

Jean-Matthieu Méon, Université Robert Schuman - GSPE-PRISME, Strasbourg, France
«The television content regulation by the CSA pictograms : The role of public actors in the activity of the ICIC »

Sylvain Parasie, ENS Cachan, France
« The eternal absent everyone is talking of : a story of the Televiewer’s place in French TV advertising regulation (1968-2005) »

Cécile-Marie Simoni, Université de Corse, France
« Reality TV and legal classification of TV broadcasts »
>>> Download the communication (French)

Rebecca Sullivan, University of Calgary - Faculty of Communication and Culture, Canada
«The Textual Body of Canadian Television»

Workshop 3.1 : ICTs and transformations in supply strategies

Chairman :
- Marie-France Carmagnat, MSH Paris Nord, France

Speakers :
Lionel Barbe, Université Paris 2 - Institut Français de Presse, France
«The participative media : emerging editorial models on Internet. The cases of Agoravox and the French version of Wikipedia»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Annick Batard, Université Paris 13 - LabSIC, MSH Paris Nord, France
« Journalistic criticism of DVDs : a second chance for the French cinematographic criticism? »
>>> Download the communication (French)

Camille Brachet, Université Paris 4-Sorbonne - Celsa, France
«Emergence and circulation of new objects in the field of cultural industries through the analysis of the uses of the "podcast»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Aurélien Le Foulgoc, Université de Paris 2 - Institut Français de Presse, France
«The flow of televised programs by Bittorrent networks : Birth, structuration, uses and influences»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Nikos Smyrnaios, Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3, GRESEC, France
«A typological essay of the online information producers strategies»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Workshop 3.4 : New tools, new practices

Chairman :
- Françoise Paquienséguy, University Paris 8, CEMTI, MSH Paris Nord, France

Speakers :
Armelle Bergé, Delphine Saizonou, CARISM - TECH/SUSI, France / Fabienne Gire, Fabien Granjon, TECH/SUSI, France
«Talking, exchanging, doing together : relational networks and cultural practices»

Didier Bieuvelet, Vincent Bullich, Patrick Guillaud, GRESEC - Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3, France
«The uses of MP3 players»
>>> Download the communication (French)

Evelyne Broudoux, Université de Versailles – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines / Oriane Deseilligny, Paris 10, France
« Editing and publishing online :new meeting spaces between the authors, the publishers and the new actors »

Anders Edström Frejman, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Suède
«Consumers in the virtual world: what do they share, download and stream?»
>>> Download the communication

Viviane Le Fournier, Université Paris 8, LERASS Toulouse 3, France
« The construction of online purchase practices through cultural goods »

Christian Malaurie, Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3
« Unlikely uses of spectacle: from the screen to the stage »