International conference organised by MSH Paris Nord, MSH des Alpes, MSH d'Aquitaine, MSH de Paris, MSH Nord-Pas de Calais
and Gricis Université du Québec à Montréal, within the ACI programme
« Les mutations des industries de la culture, de l’information et de la communication : bilan, cartographie, observation ».
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Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 - Wednesday 27
Tuesday, September 26th 2006

08h30 – 10h30 Panel 3

Changes in content

Chairman :

- Patrick Braouezec, president of Plaine Commune, France

Speakers :

- Yolande Combès, University Paris 13, France
« Educational products and services: the lessons for research into the CMI ?»

- Julien Duval, CNRS, Centre of European sociology, France
« Changes in the film industry in France »

- Dominique Marchetti, CNRS, Centre of European Sociology, France
« The production and coverage of international news on French television »

- Hervé Serry, CNRS, Culture and Urban Society, France
« Structure of the enterprise and the evolution of content: the example of Le Seuil publications»

- Gaëtan Tremblay, Université du Quebec à Montreal, Canada
« Reality Television at the heart of changes in Television system. The North-American case»
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10h45 – 12h45 5 Workshops in parallel (1.1, 2.4, 2.5, 3.2, 3.5)

Workshop 1.1 : Concentration and changes in the Culture sectors

Chairman :
- Marc Ménard, University of Quebec in Montreal, GRICIS, Canada

Speakers :
Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, EHESS, Paris, France
« The Television Producer’s and the industrialisation of production »
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Jean-Jacques Cheval, Université Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux 3, France
«The French radio broadcasting between Permanency and Transformation, diversity and concentration»

David Mabillot, Université Paris 13, CEPN - CNRS, France
« Film or Digital ? Changes in cinematography »

Heritiana Ranaivoson, Université Panthéon-Sorbonne - Paris 1 - MATISSE, France
«The concentration of Cultural and Media Industries (CMI) in the digital age. The case of the music industry»
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Franck Rebillard, Université Lyon 2, France
« The outsourcing of creative activities in the Cultural and Media Industries (CMI) : about some trends observed in the press sector »
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Workshop 2.4 : CMIs and transformations in the public sphere

Chairman :
- Dominique Marchetti, CNRS, Centre de sociologie européenne, France

Speakers :
Roger Delbarre, Université Paris 13, LabSIC, MSH Paris Nord, France
« The development of free press and the consequences for the public sphere »
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Riadh Ferjani, Institut de Presse et des Sciences de l’Information, Université de Tunis-Manouba, Tunisie
« Political economy of communication and public sphere : Tunisia as a Case Study »

Samuel Lelièvre, Atelier Fiwe, Paris, Film-Art-Culture, Laval, France
«The CMI in Post-Apartheid South Africa: the Example of the National Film and Video Foundation »
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Isabelle Pailliart, Hélène Romeyer, Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3 - GRESEC, France
«Changes of public information: the case of health»

Isabelle Veyrat-Masson, CNRS - Laboratoire Communication et Politique, Institut des Sciences Politiques - Centre d’Histoire, Paris, France
« Television, national and international debate, history – memory »

Workshop 2.5 : CMIs : changes in capitalism, social and ideological changes

Chairman :
- Jean-Guy Lacroix, University of Quebec in Montreal, GRICIS, Canada

Speakers :
Nathalie Boucher-Petrovic, Université Paris 13, MSH Paris Nord, France
«Citizenship, public sphere and information and communication technologies ; popular education's transformations »
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Marie Brandewinder, Université Rennes 1 - CRAPE, France
« Editorial consultants as importers of economic and professional models: overlap between the magazine press and the daily press »
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Yvan Renou, Damien Rousselière, Université Grenoble 2 - LEPII, France
«Networks in the manufacturing sector in the light of management practices in the cultural industry: towards a « creative » and « cognitive » paradigm?” »
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Rafaël Rosa Hagemeyer, Centro Universitário Positivo, Brazil
«Cultural diversity in the consciousness of the World Social Forum»

Catherine Venica, Université Paris 8, MSH Paris Nord, France
«Marketing of cultural consumption and production»

Workshop 3.2 : Mediation and intermediation questions

Chairman :
- Anolga Rodionoff, University Paris 8, CEMTI, France

Speakers :
Dominique Boullier, Université Rennes 2, UMS LUTIN, Cité des Sciences, France
«The Industries of Attention »

Marida Di Crosta, Université Paris 13 - LabSIC, France
« From cinema to Internet : narration, hypermediation, inter-narrative mediation »
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Frédéric Huet, UMS Lutin - Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Costech - Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
«More pictures, less television ?»
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Sofia Kocergin, UMS LUTIN, MSH Paris Nord, France
«Personal programming as a result of services and intermediation change on the TV over IP»
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Julien Mahoudeau, CNRS - Unité Toulousaine d’Archéologie et d’Histoire, Toulouse, France
«Archaeology and the challenges of the hypermedia cultural mediation»
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Workshop 3.5 : Alternative approaches to industrial supply and goods

Chairman :
- Bertrand Legendre, University Paris 13 – LAbSIC - MSH Paris Nord, France

Speakers :
Laurence Allard, Olivier Blondeau, Université Lille 3, France
« Free Mobile Media: alternative approaches to innovation and uses at the forefront of mobile technologies »

Franck Leard, Marin Ledun, France Telecom R&D, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France
«Self produced contents: towards a regenaration of cultural industries created by amateurism?»
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Pierre-André Mangolte, Université Paris 13, CNRS, France
« "Market" and "not-market" sector in the software economy »
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Vincent Rouzé, Université Paris 8 - CEMTI, France
«Music and Companies: A world of practices...»

Gabor Valyi, Budapest University of Technology Department of Sociology and Communication Centre for Media Research and Education, Hungary
«The social afterlife of vinyl records. An ethnography of secondary markets, collecting, community media and subcultural capital in transition »


14h00 – 16h15 Panel 4

Globalisation and industrialisation of culture

Chairman :

- Jack Ralite, former minister, sénateur, France

Speakers :

- Alain Herscovici, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Brazil
«From industrial capitalism to imaterial capitalism: some elements of reflection »
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- Jean-Guy Lacroix, Université du Quebec à Montreal, Canada
« Neoliberal transformation of CMI and politics :‘cybernanthropisation’ of the public sphere»

- José Carlos Lozano, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
« Transformations in the cultural industries in Mexico»
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- Alain Quemin, University of Marne-La-Vallée, France
«The impact of globalisation on “ erudite culture ” ? The visual arts in the era of globalisation ?»

- Gisèle Sapiro, CNRS, Centre of European sociology, Fondation MSH Paris, France
« Contradictions in editorial globalisation : the example of translations of literary and sociology works ».

16h45 – 18h45 Panel 5

Globalisation and culture areas

Chairman :

- Alain d’Iribarne, administrator of the Fondation MSH, CNRS, France

Speakers :

- César Bolano, UFS, Brazil
« Political economy of digital journalism»

- Ilya Kiriya, University Lomonossov Moscow, Russia
« The structuring of the CMI and communication systems in the former Soviet Union»
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- Guillermo Mastrini, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
«Concentration of property in the “info-communication” sector in Latin America: trend analysis in the globalisation era»
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- Tristan Mattelart, University Paris 2, France
« The CMI and theories of the internationalisation of communication»